AutoSort Connect is a standalone automated hog sorting system for finisher barns with large pens.

Hogs are weighed every time they pass through the scale between the common lounging areas and food courts. The hogs are then directed to the food court with the ration that corresponds to their weight range.

AutoSort Connect tracks growth rates to help you know when to change feed rations based on the weights of the hogs. By tracking growth rates, the system lets you know when and how many hogs will be ready for market.

If you see hogs that are sick, need medical treatment, or need to be separated for any reason, you can simply spray paint the hog. The CD-1 Color Detector can then direct it to a sick pen.

Benefits the AutoSort Connect system
  • Significantly reduced labor for sorting and loading
  • Optimized carcass weight for packer target
  • Improved carcass uniformity and meat quality
  • Optimized food court space and feeding programs
  • Improved animal environment with reduced tail biting and fighting
  • Reduced sort loss
  • Reduced mortality
  • Increased profits
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