AutoSort Color Detector

Model: CD-1

AutoSort Color Detector

Model: CD-1
Detect and sort specially marked hogs

Exclusive to AutoSort Connect, the AutoSort Color Detector allows you to detect painted hogs and sort them according to special settings. The advanced-technology sensor mounts in the AutoSort sorter and connects quickly and easily to any new or existing AutoSort Connect scale head.

Common uses for the CD-1 include gilt selection and sick hog segregation. For example, you can select and mark gilts for breeding. When one of the specially marked gilts moves through the sorter, the CD-1 detects the painted hog and the system sorts it according to the color sorting settings. This allows you not only to separate the gilts, but also to confirm that they are the correct weight.


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  • Quick and easy installation in new or existing AutoSort scales
  • Easy configuration at the AutoSort Connect scale head
  • Rugged enclosure (Corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, and fire-retardant)
  • Limited warranty