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Natural Series FAQs

How does the optional rain sensor work?

When the rain sensor detects rain, the control will override the normal on/off duration settings and completely close the curtains until there has been no rain detected for 15 minutes.

How can I update NVC-2 firmware?

Update updated to the latest firmware version using a USB drive. See Updating the firmware in the user manual for more information.

I see hysteresis for the heater. Is there hysteresis for the curtains?

Yes. The idle band acts as the hysteresis for the curtains.

Can I manually override the curtains?

Yes. There is a software manual override that can be accessed through the NVC-2 menu. See Using manual override mode in the user manual for more information. If you require a hardware override, check out the MOB-4.

How big is the control?

The enclosure is 4.75 x 7.80 x 3.75 in. (12 x 15.6 x 9.5 cm)

Natural Series control lineup

Model Control Voltage Curtains Heaters
NVC-2 Temperature 85 to 264 VAC 1 1
NVC-2-12 Temperature 12 VDC 1 1
NVC-2-24 Temperature 24 VDC 1 1 (DC)
NVC-DUAL Temperature 85 to 264 VAC 2 0
SPC-2 Static pressure 85 to 264 VAC 1 0