Select Ventilation


Select Ventilation

Reliability and versatility to satisfy your ventilation strategy

Select Ventilation works with control units called Power Blocks to control equipment according to your programmed settings.

Select Ventilation fits your site instead of forcing your site to fit the system. You can configure and control virtually any ventilation strategy:

Fail-safe design

If the computer or communication with the Power Blocks fails, Power Blocks operate at the last settings received. In other words, Power Blocks will continue to respond to changes in room temperature and adjust equipment as the temperature changes.

Programmable alarms

When there is an alarm condition, Select Ventilation logs the alarm condition and displays a message in the Communications Center. You can view or print the alarm messages from the Alarm Log Report.

For audible alarm notification, you can connect an external alarm system to the Power Block.

Load management

The Load Management feature of Select Ventilation allows you to coordinate the startup sequence of each PBx Power Block and its relays. Startup delay manages the initial load and stress caused when multiple Power Block loads switch on at the same time, such as after a power failure when switching to a generator.


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  • Flexible and versatile configuration — fits any ventilation control strategy
  • Automatic, near real-time information collection and display
  • Load Management—coordinates the startup sequence of PBx Power Blocks and relays
  • Status displays—instant information
  • Four customizable charts and reports
  • Fail-safe design
  • Programmable alarms
  • Ventilation Temperature Reports
    Detailed ambient and set point temperature history
  • Ventilation Status Reports
    One-week temperature summary and current configuration and settings
  • Ventilation Settings History Reports
    Historical configuration and settings for the selected Power Block
  • Power Block Status Viewer
    Status of a Power Block’s variable and/or relay stages—an important monitoring tool
  • Temperature charts
    Ambient and set point temperatures—useful for tracking down problems in a zone, analyzing effects of different ventilation strategies, and monitoring conditions

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