Select Ration Tracking


Select Ration Tracking

Monitor and manage your herd rations

Select Rations provides tools for you to enter and track rations and ration plans.

Although Select Rations can function as a limited standalone module, it was designed to work together and integrate with Select Sort and Select Herd.

Select Ration, Sort, and Herd relationship

If you have Select Sort, you can set up ration plans for each sorter and automatically obtain average weights. If you have Select Herd, you add additional features:

  • Ration change triggers: average weight, elapsed days, and manual
  • Ration change notifications in the Communication Center
  • More-detailed reporting (in Select Herd)


In Stock

  • Ration and ration plan tracking
  • Charting and reporting tools—allow you to review and print information for any previous period
  • Enhanced features when integrated with Select Herd and Select Sort modules
  • Ration Tracker Summary
    Lists what is being fed to each sort group, as well as the average weight and next ration.
    If Select Herd is installed, the Ration Tracker Summary becomes herd-based instead of sort-based, and the report moves to the Herd module.
  • Ration Plans Report
    Lists the rations and change trigger information for each ration plan.

Sample Reports