Variable Load Expansion Box

Model: VLX-20

Variable Load Expansion Box

Model: VLX-20
A cost-effective way to expand the capacity of your variable AC control

The Variable Load Expansion Box has a 20 A variable AC stage for controlling loads such as heat mats, heat lamps, and incandescent lights. Installation is simple and requires no additional configuration; all Expansion Boxes follow the programs and settings of the master control.

Compatible controls
  • HMB: Heat Mat Box
  • LDB: Light Dimmer Box
  • LDB-2: Light Dimmer Box
  • PBx-HMC: Power Block Heat Mat Control
  • FD-2-7: FanDRIVE (2x 7 A)
  • FD-1-14: FanDRIVE (1x 14 A)
  • VAC-1: Variable AC Module


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  • Variable AC stage
  • Expandable capacity using additional units
  • NEMA 4X enclosure (Corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, and fire-retardant)
  • CSA approval
  • Limited warranty
  • 2300 W at 120 VAC, 4600 W at 230 VAC
  • 20 A at 120/230 VAC, general-purpose (resistive)
  • 14 FLA at 120/230 VAC, PSC motor
  • 1 HP at 120 VAC, 2 HP at 230 VAC, PSC motor

The Variable Load Expansion Box must be on the same phase as the master control.

Repair Kit for VLX-20

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