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Case Study: Irvin Waldner

Irvin Waldner, a dedicated hog farmer from Grand Farms, has been immersed in the hog industry for nearly two decades. He and his barn team oversee a modern hog barn, nurturing 650 sows from farrow to finish. His primary focus is on raising hogs, ensuring their well-being, and producing high-quality meat for the market.

Journey & Challenges:

Throughout the years, Irvin and his barn team have faced numerous challenges in managing specific areas of the barn. Maintaining the right environment for the hogs was a constant concern, as their well-being directly influenced the barn’s production. Any environmental deviations could lead to health issues. Regular monitoring of temperature, ventilation, lighting, and feeding schedules was both time-consuming and labour-intensive. The team had to make multiple daily visits to the barn, a routine that became increasingly busy and stressful.

I’m truly grateful for the support and innovation I’ve received, our barn operation has been improving rapidly.

Realization for Professional Help:

A significant turning point occurred when Irvin recognized the potential of technology in simplifying hog barn management. He identified the need for a system that could provide real-time updates, reduce manual checks, and precisely control the barn’s environment.

Meeting & Onboarding:

Upon learning about the Autoflex Connect system, Irvin decided to try it. The initial meeting with the service providers was insightful, demonstrating their deep understanding of his challenges. The onboarding process was smooth, with the system being easy to install and configure. During this phase, the service providers ensured they understood the barn’s specific needs and tailored the system accordingly.

The AutoFlex Connect system has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring the best for my hogs.

Benefit Outcome
Real-time Monitoring Reduced manual checks by 80%
Remote Control Saved 2 hours daily in manual monitoring
Precision Environment Control Ensured optimal conditions, increasing hog health by 15%
Detailed Reports Enhanced decision-making and planning
“Curves” Feature Increased birth quality rate by 10%

Positive Outcomes:

Post-onboarding, Irvin experienced a transformation in how easy it was to get used to the AutoFlex. The AutoFlex Connect system provided him with detailed reports, accessible via a user-friendly app. He could now monitor the barn’s environment remotely, adjust settings, and even receive updates on the hogs’ feeding schedules. The system’s “curves” feature was especially beneficial for sows that had recently given birth, ensuring optimal conditions for them. With this newfound efficiency, Irvin felt more confident in his ability to provide the best care for his hogs.

The smart feature, “curves”, is particularly beneficial for sows that have recently given birth. It allows for a gradual increase in light duration and adjusts other parameters like temperature, ventilation, and feeding. This ensures that the new mothers and their piglets have the optimal environment to thrive.