Phason Rain Sensor

Model: PRS

Phason Rain Sensor

Model: PRS
Rugged and durable, but also reliable and accurate

The Phason Rain Sensor’s advanced optical sensor uses infrared light to detect water hitting its surface. This method of detection is more sensitive and reliable than other methods, is nearly immune to false detection, and is not affected by movement and most environmental conditions.

The durable and rugged enclosure is completely sealed; there are no electronics to corrode and no openings for debris to collect.

Compatible controls

Natural Ventilation Control: NVC-2 | NVC-2-12 | NVC-2-24
Power Block: PBx-10 | PBx-11

Use case — Natural Ventilation Controls

When the Phason Rain Sensor detects rainfall, it sends a signal to the control. When the control receives the signal, it closes the configured curtains and/or actuators. After 15 minutes with no detected rainfall, the sensor signals the control to resume normal operation.


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  • Sensitive and reliable optical sensor
    • Infrared detection
    • Nearly immune to false detection
    • Not affected by movement and
    • most environmental conditions
  • Rugged and durable
  • Weather and UV-resistant cable; 30 feet, extendable to 500 feet
  • Rugged, sealed enclosure
  • Limited warranty
  • Input
    9 to 30 VDC, or 9 to 26 VAC
  • When connecting the Rain Sensor to a Natural Ventilation Control or Connect Series control, the sensor does not require an external power supply; the control supplies the power.
  • When connecting the Rain Sensor to a Power Block, the sensor requires an external power supply. The Regulated Power Supply provides 13.6 VDC and 24 VAC.

Extension cable

K329029 is a 150-foot bundle of 4-conductor cable you can use to extend the sensor cable.

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